Thursday, July 21, 2022

Update on the Dining Room Floor & Heat Respite Next Week

 Dear Seniors and Friends,

The good news is that the floor has been cleaned, prepped and painted.  It looks nice.  The bathrooms have been painted, too.  They look good, also.  Kevin Pettit did most of the painting.  Kevin, Chris, Steve & Michael helped move everything out of the dining room and put everything back together again.  It looks clean and is quite a transformation. 

The newly painted floor is lighter than it was before.  You'll see the difference at the end of the pictures.

We received a phone call from Thurston County Emergency Management, letting us know it''s supposed to be very hot next week.  I let her know that we planned on being closed for lunch next week, while the smell of the paint dissipated, but since it's supposed to be in the 90's, so we will be open as a heating and cooling shelter.  If you need shelter from the heat, please call me at (360) 292-5364 or George at (360) 292-5363.  We will come down and open the Senior Center to give you relief from the heat.

I'm not sure what we'll serve for food and beverages.  You're welcome to bring something to eat or share with other members.  We'll manage one way or the other.  

Linda & George

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