Sunday, November 17, 2019

Individual Spotlight: Terri Rendahl

This weeks spotlight is on Terri Rendahl. Talk about a person hiding out behind the scenes and doing great things!

Terri and her family have supported Rainier in every way possible since they moved here.  And Terri always avoids the spotlight. If you need help Terri is there.

She has been active in the Rainier Lions, Booster Club and "We Love Rainier WA".  From flipping pancakes at Bluegrass to cheering on our school athletes, she is always helping individuals in need.

Wherever she's needed, you'll find her helping; with scouts, picking up rubbish on Hwy 507, she is always there with a smile on her face.  All our grade school children know her as the "popcorn lady". The last few years she sold popcorn to the kids at recess for 25 cents a bag often, starting early in the day to be ready.

A huge thank you to her for making our community a better place to live.

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